am going to mention few self made principles to live by daily for a blissful life.

  • Happines is a choice – We should chose our own happiness. Do your best to live a joyful life with the most powerful energies like love,peace,fun and joy.It will bring an effect of positivity in your life. Bring a sense of enjoyment to your life by keping your heart open, no mater what happens.
  • Positivity all around – To live a blissful life you should keep positive people around. As they play a very important role In your life, if they have really positive minds, they will make Sure to keep you more positive and you will Feel more comfortable with them. Every person is unique and talented. You should always avoid people who don’t allow you to shine.   Find those who will notice something special in you and your soul and help you spread your wings and fly.
  • Focus on your own things – I don’t know why people waste their time on making judgments about others. I think its just the wastage of time and energy ,hence,  we should not waste our time on such useless things. We  should concentrate on our own problems and should give up bad habits.You should enjoy your freedom ,it will give you more happiness. In my opinion, we should mind our own business and then we will be able to enjoy the pleasures of life.
  • Listen what your heart says – Listen to your heart and soul. When you listen to your heart and soul instead of the noice of world, you will be your own boss. You will feel like everything is in your own hands. No one is handling your life . The life us yours . Your soul knows exactly what is needed for the growth of your happiness.
  • Get committed with yourself first – The most important and biggest relationship of your life is being committed with yourself . It will have a great effect on your relationship with others as well as your level of happiness and success.
  • Be creative – Do creative things, that only your soul knows, that can make your heart happy, if your heart and soul is happy, then you are happy. Try new things everyday, it will make you a creative person in real sense. Have a never ending curiosity towards life. β€‹