I believe inner beauty comes from accepting yourself for who you really are. We should not try to be someone who we are not. If we are unable to appreciate our own inner beauty , we wiol have a hard time apperciating it in others. 

Different people find different qualities necessary for a beautiful soul and most of the times it is difficult to have all those qualities in one single person. Honesty is the best policy heard many times even from the childhood, hence it is a nice quality. To me the beautiful soul is one which is at peace and which i believe can be acheived vwhen you start forgiving people. Forgiveness is also an essential requirement of a beautiful soul. If the person have vthe quality of forgiveness it means that the person has a clear heart and is full of positivity. Forgiveness fills our heart with positivity and gives out positive vibes, which is a sign of beautiful soul 

A person should be a good talker and a goodg listener too ,it describes the inner beauty of person. There are some qualities of a beautiful soul which are attractive and admirable

• Fearlessness

• Purity of heart

• Truth

• Straightforwardness

• Self discipline

• Gentleness

• Forgiveness

• Purity of mind 

• Modesty

• Generosity

    Inner beauty is the real beauty of the person that is beyond just the physical appearances. What I think is a person is not beautiful by his/ her physical appearance or by having a preety face,he/she is not beautiful until they have a beautiful soul. What attracts you is the inner beauty of the person not what appearance they give or what they show us.

First impression is the last impression. I have heard it many times. But I don’t think first impression always depends on your physique or your face beauty, but you need to believe that from within. And that’s where your beauty lies.

~ The Happy Book~