Seriously, I have a curiosity to write on this topic.  

Your attitude determines how you live your life. 

“Positive Attitude” , in my sense it is a power that can change your life. A positive attitude shows the bright side of the life, it brings optimism in your life and makes it easier to avoid worries and negative thinking. If you adopt it, it makes a constructive changes in your life, and make more beautiful, happier , and joyful as it was before.

A person having positive attitude, became more optimistic , and expect more from life and everything that the person expects, he/she gets the best . 

Positive attitude makes you happier inside and out . It improves your relationships and makes more possibility of the chances of success.It makes you creative and also helps to make better decisions. I have heard many times from my elders , that the people with positive attitude live longer than those who live with negative attitude. An attitude of happiness fills the mind of the person with positivity. If you have a positive attitude you will be able to inspire and motivate yourself and others too. It produces more energy and helps you to achieve goals and attain success. You get more respect and love from people. 

Negative attitude says : you cannot achieve success \ you cannot do it.

Positive attitude says : you can achieve success / you can do it.

Negative attitude will drag you back whereas positive attitude will boost you to achieve the success. If you have a positive attitude you have the ability to do anything. It will make everything easier and negative attitude will make things difficult for you.

Life is not as smooth as expected. You are stressed by work or by grieving the loss of a loved one . All you want is peace and by being positive will give you inner peace. Accept things the way they are . Everything is not perfect ; but the life is yours and everything is in your hands . You can make it in your way and make it the best by being positive. Believe in yourself . Follow your dreams, be open minded . Be greatful for what you have .

~ The Happy Book ~