Anger is a powerful emotion. If it isn’t handled properly, it may have destructive results for you and for those who are closest to you. Uncontrolled anger can lead to arguments , physical fights, physical abuse, assault and self harm. On the other hand, well managed anger can be a useful emotion  that motivates you to make positive change.

Anger can destroy your life. It can cause some short and long term health problems i.e, headache, insomnia, depression, high blood pressure, skin problems, stroke , heart attack, which can affect your health and life too. some of these problems seems to be very small , but in actual these are main source of having stress in life which is not good for overall health of a person. These problems can minimize your life span. Anger can destroy your life by ruining your relationships with others.

It has been always one of my greatest challenges. Sometimes it feels like I need to get it out,once and for all , but I don’t want to endup like some people who act rashly, or by getting into fights.

I am sharing this now because I’ve worked on it for a long time and I hope if anyone is in the same problem as I am, can help you do the same.

Nobody is perfect and I can’t say I have it all under perfect control, but I’ve learned few ways to manage my anger issues:

•Replace negative thoughts.

•Surrond yourself with positive people.

•Make caring for yourself a priority.

•Decide you don’t want to add to the hate in this world.

•Manage stress.

•Value yourself and others too.

•Find a sense of community.

~The Happy Book~