“Simplicity is not something to be ashamed off but rather an achievement.”

With each passing day our life seems to be getting more and more complicated. Most of our complications in life come from wanting too many things in too little time. But there is no need to complicate your life. There are so many things you can do in a single day. You can only push yourself to a certain limit everyday. So Don’t Hurry. Do what you can and leave the rest for tomorrow.

Everything suffers when you do them in a hurry –  your quality of work , your relationship , your inner peace . Everything.

There is a unique beauty in simplicity. you should enjoy what you have and be happy and satisfied with it.

There is nothing to be chased,no goals to be attained, no regrets to be met. Let your worries fade away. Let your desires go away . Let everything around you became peaceful. Stop chasing perfection and learn to love the imperfect. Just walk around and see how beautiful everything already is.

When you get rid of yourself of every unwanted thing in your life, what remains only the simple things.

Embrace this simplicity in your life . There are too many unwanted things in your life. There are too many unwanted thoughts in your mind. There are too many unwanted feelings in your heart.

You don’t need them . They don’t do you any good.Let them go and be glad that they are gone. Learn to live with less . learn to live with the important and discard the unimportant. Learn to see the essential from  extravagant. Learn to separate the truth from the false.

Embrace simplicity in everything you do. When you reduce the number of things you have to deal with everyday , you reduce stress, clutter, complexity, anxiety and greed.

The pnly things you increase are your peace of mind, happiness and self control. There is a power in simplicity. There is beauty in simplicity. There is a joy in simplicity. And once you start living simple life , you’ll see that there is abundance in simplicity.

~The Happy Book~