If you are thinking about giving up, I think you should give a chance  to yurself because I believe that your worst days come right before success you should not give up until you give it a try.

 Today I came up with few  steps how not to give up I personally believe that giving up is the last option we have . Before giving up we should at least give chance because everything deserve a chance.

• Stay alive as long as you are alive anything is still possible.

 • lower your expectations

 • Always and always remember that you are stronger than you think .

 • Be true to yourself

 • Don’t compare yourself to the people.

 • Watch someone doing something impossible then go do something impossible urself one person can change the world have a belief that you can be that person.

• Think about why.. Ask yourself why you are doing this again ? You should have a really good reason otherwise false take a break and figure it out then keep going.

 • Life is full of rejections we got rejected in one thing ouran and others forget about it literally just forget about it move on to something else instead and put that out of your mind. 

• keep your head up and say I can do it instead of saying that I’m giving up on this thing and that thing.

Never give up and make things possible

~The Happy Book~