Many of us are unhappy in their lives. We believe that if only we earn more money ,were thinner ,were married , had more friends, then we would be happy. What we fail to realise is that lasting happiness doesn’t come from anything outside of ourselves, nor does it happen for some but not others. We are each responsible for creating your own happiness regardless of outer circumstances. We can start being happy by a loving our life is ugly as they are right now.


• Live in the present moment.

When you are living in the present. You are living where life is happening right now, not thinking about the past or stressing about the future events. You are in the here and now, which is really the only time that you have any control over your circumstances. The past is over and future is yet to come. The only time on which you basically have to concentrate is your present moment .. Forget about the past and leave the tension of tomorrow .. Live your present and make it beautiful and stay happy .. You know what I think is you should be thankful to God that you have got an opportunity to live your present the way you want.. Past is gone and its not going to come back .. You can’t change the past but can overcome from your mistakes .. We are humans and ofcourse we learn from our mistakes. So that we can make our present and future better. 

• Do what brings you joy.
This is your one and only life.,so have fun and live it to the fullest . People waste their valuable time and energy on doing what they don’t enjoy , life is full of options if you don’t enjoy what you are doing by not wasting your precious time you should opt for some other thing . Every minute of your life is a diamond very precious and valuable .Don’t waste in judging others . You are not going to get any inner peace by judging others. If you don’t enjoy what you are doing later you are going to have regrets . Doing the things that bring g you joy creats positive emotions,improves overall functioning and makes you feel great!!

• Stop trying to please others.

The truth is you will never be able to please everybody, so why to try ?? Your worth is dependent on no one else’s approval. When you are busy pleasing others , you are not honouring your true self . The less you focus on others’ opinions the more time you get to focus on things that are important to you.

• Treasure your loved ones.

Be the best parent, partner, friend, son , daughter you can be. It’s very easy to get so busy in the life that you can forget how important your significant relationships are. When you consciously choose to treasure your loved ones more through loving words and actions, it may surprise you just how enjoyable and strong these relationships can be.

When you truly love your life, you cant help but be happier and experience a greater sense of fulfilment , meaning , and purpose.

~ The Happy Book~