Patience is a very important characteristics when it comes to living a positive life, but it isn’t always easy to come by. For some people, patience comes naturally, and for others it requires quite a bit of work. For whatever reason, I struggle a lot with being patient. I am constantly in a rush, trying to get to the next place in my life, though I know I should slow down and live in the present moment. 

It is said that patience is a virtue. I believe that patience is a source of happiness. When we are calm and patient, we make it possible to have inner peace. How exactly does that happen? Well, let’s take a moment to explore that, by examining a few steps of patience that always inspire me.

• Patience helps achieve inner peace

The way I see it, inner peace comes from minimizing tension so that it’s possible to accomplish things and feel satisfied. Obviously, there are other ways to look at the rewards of patience. The important thing is that a patient person can ultimately be a happy one.

• Be always open to learning

 Almost every person and situation in life has something to teach you. If you’re being impatient and rushing, there’s a good chance you might miss out on something worth learning. Focusing on the learning experience can help you want to be more patient with others. 

• Look at the big picture. 

Whenever you feel impatient, try to think of the big picture. Ask yourself, “What’s really more important right now than being where I am?” It’s tempting to believe that you really must be elsewhere, but everything in life happens for a reason and there’s no reason not to pace yourself.  

• Choose the easy path.

 If you grow more and more impatient with a situation, that doesn’t make the situation go away. It only aggravates you and may even cause problems that can make you even more impatient. Patience, hard as it seems sometimes, is the easy way out.  

• Consider your ssurroundings.

 One of the last things we usually do when we’re impatient is consider how we might be affecting others. If we stop for a moment and do this, we’ll most likely realize that our impatience is not worth upsetting other people. Focus on selflessness, and patience will come more easily. 

Being patient is something we literally struggle with on a daily basis.Be patient stay calm and be happy.

~The Happy Book~