Many questions arises in my mind ofcourse these are very common question that almost most of the people have. 

Do you want more from life? Like more happiness , better health, deeper relationships, increased productivity.

Okay, to attain such things just one thing can help you.


First let me tell you What is gratitude.

In simple words gratitude is the quality of being thankful.

Gratitude strengthens our emotions. It reduces feelings of envy, makes our memory happier, lets us experience good feelings ,and helps us bounce back from stress.

Gratitude develops our personality. Gratitude makes us more optimistic,less materialistic, more spiritual, less self centered, more esteem. All these finally leads to more happiness.

Gratitude somewhere  helps us to maintain good health. It improves our sleep , it increases sleep quality,increases sleep duration. Hence it can help with insomnia.

Gratitude cant cure cancer but it can strengthen your physiological functioning.

Positive emotion improves health . gratitude lets you live longer. Gratitude increase the energy levels.

Gratitude makes us feel good. It doesnot just makes us happier, it is happiness in and of itself!